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Our Village, Our Voices is a citizen-led, Village funded initiative to create a vision for the future of Essex Junction.

It is a community engagement project with three purposes: 

  1. Educate and Inform Essex Junction residents about the main facts
    related to the upcoming separation vote.


  2. Listen to Village Residents for input into the vision and values they have for Essex Junction.

  3. Get out the Vote by ensuring a high number of registered voters cast a ballot on the article on separation from the Town of Essex and the creation of the City of Essex Junction.

Our Village, Our Voices will provide multiple tools and activities for resident input and engagement over the course of the summer. Residents’ input will be used by the Trustees as they finalize the charter
and plan for separation.

Who We Are

Elaine Haney

Elaine has lived in the Village since 2001. She has three kids, all of whom attended Village schools. Her youngest is a freshman at EHS. From the Hiawatha and Fleming PTOs to the Brownell Library board to the Planning Commission, Elaine has been a Village volunteer almost from the moment she moved here. Elaine also served as a Village Trustee (7 years) and a Town Selectboard member (3 years).

Gabrielle Smith

Gabrielle, her husband, and their 19 year old twins have made Essex Junction their home since 2006. She is on the Housing Commission and has been on the board of the Heart & Soul of Essex from its inception in 2012. She has made equitable, inclusive civic engagement part of her career, and she is excited to see the community get involved in the effort to have a strong, informed turnout for the vote to separate and form the City of Essex Junction this November. 

Bridget Downey-Meyer

Bridget settled in the Village 20 years ago and has enthusiastically made this lovely place her home by immersing herself in community enhancing endeavors including, Essex CHIPS, Friends of the Brownell Library, Five Corners Farmers Market, EJRP Recreation Advisory Council, Heart &Soul of Essex, Essex Junction Block Party and Gather at the Table. Bridget is proud to be working on Essex Junction Independence and looks forward to the task ahead of us.

Alise Certa

Alise lives in the Junction with her husband, Marcus and three furry felines - Molly, Tig and Tilly. Since moving to Vermont in 2009, Alise has worked for many local non-profits preferring to focus the second half of her career life on giving back to her community. In her spare time, Alise fosters dogs and puppies for VT Dog Rescue and takes great joy in watching these animals thrive and find new, loving homes.

Want to get in touch or ask a question? Visit our Contact page

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